Data Driven Care

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To deliver data driven care for the elderly and aging in place. Innovating a robust data management platform focused on professional and individual caretakers needs. Their specific care requirements detailed by the aggregation of direct sensor data, demographic data, and the development of synthetic data.

A Data Platform
Delivering complicated metrics into consumable and actionable messages for caregivers.

A Technology Platform focused on the collection, aggregation, and contextualizing of data to derive value for caregivers. Working with sensors, meta-data, and 3rd party data to create synthetic data-sets to help caregivers drive better decision making

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Aging in Place
Today's retirees want to stay home

Age brings frailty and the worry of becoming unable to perform life’s daily tasks. For many elderly this means assisted care or moving in with relatives. But most seniors would rather maintain autonomy as long as possible. When this is added to the financial benefits of Aging In Place (AIP) it’s clear why Data Driven Care is so important to bring to the marketplace.

Helping Elderly Age in Place

No Cameras, microphones or wearables. A learning solution that provides caregivers relevant and timely information. Avoiding annoying false alerts and 'Alarm Fatigue'. Aging in place as it should be.

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Our management team brings over 100 years and a 1/2 dozen tech startups experiences to the table.

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